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HBA Membership Makes a Difference


If you want to know why, just follow the link to my latest article in the "House & Home" section of the Akron Beacon Journal.  

Rebuilding Together - April 26th

Rebuilding Together is a non-profit program that is geared toward helping low-income, elderly, disabled, and veteran homeowners repair and rehabilitate their homes. This year, Rebuilding Together will serve 9 homeowners in Akron, Wadsworth, and Green.

Rebuilding day is 4/26, and the Home Builder's Association serving Portage and Summit Counties still needs your help! You can join us by volunteering to provide minor home repairs such as painting, landscaping, and decluttering, or make a donation to our team.  Just follow the link for more information!

April Showers

 The old rhyme, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, certainly isn’t uncommon this time of year.  For us, however, the saying doesn’t only ring true for fresh blooms.  In fact, we most often associate it with new foundations, framework, and drywall (much less appealing, right?).  For many builders, Spring never fails to be a busy time of year – albeit a very messy time of year.  After all, not only do April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring a lot of mud to our jobsites!  That's why we'd like to invite you to visit any of our homes under construction for a "Muddy Boots Tour"!