Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry!  You’ve come to the right place.  There are a few questions to consider from the get-go:  1) Where do you want to live?; 2) What is your budget?; and 3) What type of house would you prefer? 

Once you are able to generally answer these questions, we can take it from there!  We can help you search for a lot, if you don’t already have one, assist you with finding a lender, assuming you will be financing your new home, and lastly, help you design the home within your established budget.

This is a common misconception, and one that many customers initially have.  Custom does not always mean more expensive.  Our building contracts include everything from start to finish – there are no hidden costs or items that are not included in your price that you would expect to be.  We may not be the most inexpensive price per square foot, but your home is much more to us than that.  That is why our standard features may be higher than other quotes you receive. 

Here’s a blog post article that we did on comparing apples to apples when obtaining quotes for your new home, and it may help you have a better understanding as to why some quotes can vary so greatly from builder to builder.

We can absolutely build on your lot, if you already own one!  We have built homes in many areas, including Stark, Summit, Wayne, Medina, Portage, and Cuyahoga counties. If you don’t already have a lot, though, we would be more than happy to help you search for one.  President, Scott Strayer, is also a licensed Realtor, so he can even help facilitate the purchase of the land for you.

Again, don’t worry.  Most of our customers do not come to us with a blueprint already in hand.  We do encourage you, however, to come with ideas – whether those ideas are pictures torn out of magazine pages, images saved to sites like Pinterest or Houzz, a wish-list of features scribbled down on a cocktail napkin, or just examples of floorplans that you’ve found online. 

We have a designer that we have worked with for many years that will be able to bring your ideas to life whether you are starting from scratch or coming with a concept already in mind.  We will work closely with you and the designer throughout this phase in order to provide input that will help ensure your design is as cost-effective and functional as possible within your budget. 

What if you already have a blueprint, though?  No problem.  We will review it with you prior to pricing it, and we may even offer some suggestions based on our conversations with you!

We recently sold our last model home, and don’t currently have plans to build another just yet.   With the number of custom homes that we currently have under construction, however, we typically hold an open house every few weeks when we complete a home. 

Our potential customers, and even former clients, have offered feedback that they actually prefer this method to a single model home.  They love being able to tour different homes and see different ideas, especially since our homes are all custom and no two are alike! 

Open houses are posted on our blog, as well as on our Facebook page.  You can also contact us to be added to an e-mail list that is solely used for notifying potential clients of upcoming opens.

Would you be shocked if we told you that you weren’t the only one who has had this concern?  In fact, we’ve known many people to end up settling for an existing home instead of deciding to build solely for the fact that they were afraid the process would be too stressful and all-consuming.  There’s no question about it – building a home is a time investment.  However, we would urge you to not be intimidated by the process!  Choosing a builder that you feel comfortable with is one thing that you can do to ease your worries. 

One of the things we pride ourselves on most is making the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients.  We feel that this can be achieved in many ways.  Our team (you can meet them here!) is trained to guide you through every step of the way.  President, Scott Strayer, feels strongly about maintaining direct contact with the homeowners from start to finish.  The company also staffs a Project Manager and Selections Coordinator to keep you informed and oversee the details of your new home.

On a separate note, we recently implemented a new software that works as a customer contact process to answer questions and keep you updated throughout the construction process. 

We receive feedback quite often that our clients would do it all over again!

Being that we are a custom home builder, your home is designed to fit your needs and budget.  So, you essentially define the features of your new home.  However, in order to maintain the consistent quality that are company is known for, there are certain features that we consider to be a minimum standard in each home we build.  These minimum standards are often considered to be upgrades by other builders. 

We also believe in all-inclusive pricing.  But, what does that really mean?  If you’ve seen other builders advertise a “base price”, that number probably seemed relatively attractive to you.  On the contrary, what some consumers don’t understand is that there are usually several items not included in that price that are necessary or expected in order to complete the home (i.e. – building permit fees, site work, driveway, etc).  We choose a different approach when it comes to quoting your plans.  Our price doesn’t leave out any of the components that you would anticipate to be included from the get-go.   

We welcome you to call us anytime to go over our minimum standard features, as well as everything that is included in our price!

The building process includes several stages.  They range from design, financing, permitting, site work, the actual construction, and finally, move-in day!
On average, the design phase can take up to 8 weeks.  It then takes another couple of weeks for us to quote your set of plans.  Assuming you choose to move forward after receiving your quote and making any modifications, if necessary, it typically takes 30-45 days for your loan to be processed with the bank before we can start obtaining permits.  The permit process takes about a month. 

Once the actual construction of your new home is underway, it can usually be completed within 6-7 months.  This time frame, however, depends on the size of the home, as well as scheduling.  Scheduling inevitably plays a role in determining the actual length of construction because we feel adamantly about using the same set of sub-contractors and suppliers for every job, regardless of the clients’ budget.  The reason we do this is to ensure that we maintain the same quality of workmanship on each home we build. 

Once your blueprint begins to take form, you’ll need to start thinking about how you’ll secure financing for your project.  Some lenders offer home construction loans.  Essentially, these loans act as a line of credit to cover expenses during the building process which then become a permanent mortgage after you receive a certificate of occupancy.  They are usually made for a limited duration, and the lender will approve and disburse the money in phases to ensure that certain portions of the project have been completed before any additional funds are released.

If you already own your land, some lenders may consider it as a “down payment” on your mortgage when you apply.  This may, in turn, help you obtain a larger loan or you might not be required to put any additional money down.  Other lenders may allow you to purchase your land and obtain your construction loan simultaneously. 

We have several lenders that we work with who offer different variations of home construction loans.  We would be happy to pass their information along to you if you have more detailed questions about these programs or the process!