I have found some different floor plans that I like, but none of them are exactly what I want.

Again, don’t worry.  Most of our customers do not come to us with a blueprint already in hand.  We do encourage you, however, to come with ideas – whether those ideas are pictures torn out of magazine pages, images saved to sites like Pinterest or Houzz, a wish-list of features scribbled down on a cocktail napkin, or just examples of floorplans that you’ve found online. 

We have a designer that we have worked with for many years that will be able to bring your ideas to life whether you are starting from scratch or coming with a concept already in mind.  We will work closely with you and the designer throughout this phase in order to provide input that will help ensure your design is as cost-effective and functional as possible within your budget. 

What if you already have a blueprint, though?  No problem.  We will review it with you prior to pricing it, and we may even offer some suggestions based on our conversations with you!