Do you have a list of standard features that you include?

Being that we are a custom home builder, your home is designed to fit your needs and budget.  So, you essentially define the features of your new home.  However, in order to maintain the consistent quality that are company is known for, there are certain features that we consider to be a minimum standard in each home we build.  These minimum standards are often considered to be upgrades by other builders. 

We also believe in all-inclusive pricing.  But, what does that really mean?  If you’ve seen other builders advertise a “base price”, that number probably seemed relatively attractive to you.  On the contrary, what some consumers don’t understand is that there are usually several items not included in that price that are necessary or expected in order to complete the home (i.e. – building permit fees, site work, driveway, etc).  We choose a different approach when it comes to quoting your plans.  Our price doesn’t leave out any of the components that you would anticipate to be included from the get-go.   

We welcome you to call us anytime to go over our minimum standard features, as well as everything that is included in our price!