Awards and Testimonials


All of us at Helen Scott Custom Builders are honored and thankful to be recognized among the best of the best by our fellow builders. 


2019 Winner of "Builder of the Year"
2018 Winner of "Builder of the Year"
2017 Best Home, Single-Family Custom 1,751-2,000
2017 Best Home, Single-Family  Custom 2,251-2,500
2017 Best Home, Single-Family Custom 3,501-3,750
2017 Honor Award, Single-Family Custom 2,751-3,000
2016 Best Home, Single-Family 2,200-2,500
2016 Best Home, Single-Family 3,100-3,400
2016 Honor Award, Single-Family Custom 5,000-6,000
2016 Honor Award, Single-Family Custom 6,000-7,000
2015 "Best Home" Singe-Family Custom 1,300-1,600
2015 "Best Home" Single-Family Custom 2,200-2,500
2015 "Honor Award" Single-Family Custom 3,400-3,700
2014 "Best Home" Single-Family Spec 2,500-2,800 sq ft
2014 "Best Home" Detached Condo 1,600-1,900
2014 "Best Home" Single-Family Custom 2,500-2,800
2014 "Best Home" Single-Family Custom 2,200-2,500
2013 Winner of "Builder of the Year"
2012 Winner of  "Builder of the Year"
2011 "Best Home" -- category 2,000-2,200 sq.ft
2011 "Best Home" -- category 3,700-4,000 sq.ft.
2011 Finalist for "Builder of the Year"
2010 "Best Home" -- category 3,700-4,000 sq.ft.
2010 Finalist for "Builder of the Year"






To the Helen Scott Family,

From the Inception of this new adventure for us, from the very beginning with our meeting with Scott, this has been a rewarding experience.  The Scott’s credit, if there was a questions we got our answers.  If we made a telephone call, it was picked up or returned in a timely manner.  If we requested a meeting, the response was when, where, and what time was best for us.  I remember an early quote from Scott, “Trust me this will go smoothly,” and it did!

Many Thank yous are in order to the whole Helen Scott Family.  To Dean, Matt, Painters, Plumbers, and electricians, for those are the people we saw most often. We are aware there are so many more people that we didn’t get to know as well that contributed to a job well done!

In today’s world, people need to take a good hard look at this “family” because this is how a true business is run.  Helen Scott should be proud of Scott and your family and thank you for making our dream come true. 

Gene and Mary Post. 

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As first time home builders we were a little apprehensive about the whole process at first. We spent many days, weeks, and months preparing to build our dream home. We just needed to find the right builder to make our dreams come true. That is when we found Scott and Helen Scott Builders.

From the very first meeting with Scott we were put at ease, and knew he would do a fantastic job building our home. He took the time to explain the process and listened to every little detail we wanted in our home and believe me their were ALOT!!! Once the actual building process started the whole experience was even better than we could have possibly imagined. Everything went so smoothly and all of our apprehensions went away. We were watching our dream home become a reality!

Scott, Dean, and Matt were just amazing to work with, and we are so happy with our house that we recommend them to anyone that is even thinking about building. We consider Scott and all of his crew as a part of our lives now and consider them all as family!

Thank you for building us our dream home that we will grow old in and our kids will grow up in. We couldn't be happier!!!!

Brian & Julie Storad